Welcome to Centrepp,

At Centrepp, we are not just a design agency; we are dedicated partners in your business success journey. We specialize in designing luxury branding and high-converting websites specifically tailored for female-owned service businesses and MedSpa owners.

We understand that a strong brand goes beyond a logo and catchy slogan – it’s about meaningful connections and providing solutions. From revamping your branding to building your website and shaping your social media presence, our mission is to guide you every step of the way.

Exceptional design is just the beginning; we believe your brand should be the solution to your audience’s needs. At Centrepp, we are passionate about helping you build a thriving business. Let us assist you in crafting a six-figure business that you can truly be proud of. Your success is our design.

Supporting countless health and beauty entrepreneurs in launching or expanding their businesses through purpose-driven brands and high-converting websites.

Meet Betinah,

Founder & creative director

I’m Betinah, the designer and CEO behind Centrepp Digital Agency. When I’m not busy crafting designs, you’ll find me unwinding with classic shows like Friends or taking peaceful walks with my pup, Aki.

My design journey began during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, navigating the uncertainty of job security. Exploring new avenues, I found my passion in digital design—an unexpected turn that opened the door to not only excelling in my craft but also supporting other entrepreneurs, especially women. Now, leading Centrepp Digital Agency, my mission is clear: empower entrepreneurs, with a special focus on helping female visionaries thrive.

As a female entrepreneur myself, I understand the unique challenges we face. That’s why my agency is dedicated to offering a helping hand to fellow innovators, assisting in creating standout websites, building strong branding, and perfecting digital strategies. Let’s turn your business dreams into a reality!”


We are on a mission to help start-up or established businesses build strategic and well-curated brands and everything that will contribute to their business growth and will get them start showing up confidently.


Helping millions of entrepreneurs start or grow their businesses by creating purposely-driven brand and marketing designs.


  • Strategically-driven
  • Results-Driven
  • Purpose-Driven